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I know it's a hard decision to sell your knives. It doesn't matter if it's one you purchased last year, or several hundred that you inherited. It can be a hard decision. But the longer you wait, the better chance that your knives might be losing their value. You probably purchased these knives because the knifemakers name was highly spoke of at that time. Maybe that was two, five or more years ago. If that maker has died, or has cut back on advertising or going to shows, the value of those knives could be going down. And if you don't store your knives correctly, they can develop small rust specks or tarnish. Especially if they were not wiped down with a wax the last time they were handled. One small rust spot can reduce the value of your knife 25% or more. Just because your knives are stainless, they can develop rust. If you live where you have high humidity the knives need to have wax applied at least every six months.

You can put the knives on eBay, but that's a big gamble, and do you really know their value? You can try to sell them at a knife show, but don't forget, if your knife is worth $500.00, a dealer might offer you $250.00 or less. The good news is, you walk out of the show with cash in hand. Of course the bad news is, if you don't know the current value of your knife, you might feel good that you received $50.00 for that $500.00 knife. That's not bad mouthing the dealer, it's just they are going to pay the least they have to. It's the same when you purchase a television or other large item. You want the most for the least.

Can I sell your knives? Click here to see some recently sold knives.

You'll see I've sold knives ranging from $90.00 up to $4,850.00. The URL brings many people to my web site. More traffic means more sales.

If you decide to let me sell your knives they will be fully insured where they will be stored in a large gun safe in a humidity controlled climate. My home is fully wired with a professionally installed and monitored (ADT) alarm system. All knives are commercially insured while in transit to a knife show and when I ship them to buyers. Please see insurance and shipping information below.

Since I offer an inspection/return period, I hold the payment to you for 5 days after the customer receives your knife. When I sell a knife at a show, I mail your payment the next business day.

I'm different than most purveyors. I am also a custom knife maker. With me being a maker, I am able to explain to a prospective buyer why a specific knife is sometimes two or three times more expensive than another. I've been making knives since '79 and have been a voting member of the Knifemakers' Guild since '95.

I'm blessed that I was able to get the URL name "". If you go to Google and put in custom knives or custom knife, my web site is always on the first page.

If you have any more questions, please let me know. Email me your phone number (U.S.) and I'll give you a call.


A.T. Barr
(859) 887-5400

Commission Rates

For the majority of my sales, the commission starts at 20% on cash or check sales and 22% with credit card or Paypal sales. The CC and Paypal charge is right at 3.9%, but I absorb about half of the cost.

To the commissions below, you need to add 2% for credit card sales or PayPal.
$50 to $199.00 40% commission, add 2% for credit card sales or PayPal
$200 to $1500 20% commission,
add 2% for credit card sales or PayPal
$1501 to $2000 19% commission, add 2% for credit card sales or PayPal
$2001 to $2500 18% commission, add 2% for credit card sales or PayPal
$2501 to $3000 17% commission, add 2% for credit card sales or PayPal
$3001 to $3500 16% commission, add 2% for credit card sales or PayPal
$3501 and above 15% commission, add 2% for credit card sales or PayPal
Shipping Information
My insurance covers all but the first $200.00, you will need to purchase that insurance.
Shipments will only be insured by my insurance when you use UPS or FedEx. If you use the mail, then you will need to purchase the insurance coverage.
Immediately after you ship your knives, you need to email me the amount of knives and their total value. I also need the tracking number. If they ask for the contents, show 'hand tools'. You can mail your knives to the UPS Store, just remember you are responsible for all insurance.
Please ship all knives to this address.
 A.T. Barr
c/o The UPS Store
1067 No. Main
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Don't forget, immediately after you ship them, you need to email me the amount of knives and their total value.
Never mark on the package or tell anyone that the package contains knives. Just mark the package contents as 'hand tools'.