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Hello, I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website. I want to tell you a little about myself and the way I do business. Since the majority of my sales are through either email or snail mail, I will try to let you know as much about me as possible.

I have been making knives for over 29 years, and full time since May 2001.  I made and sold my first knife in 1979. I am also a voting member of the
Knifemakers Guild.   

I make knives for all ranges of collectors and users. On my users I mainly use stainless steel bolsters. On the majority of my collector pieces I use Mosaic Damascus by several Damascus makers. Although I have a pattern for each of my knives, each knife is made the old fashioned way, one at a time.  I can take the blade from one knife and the handle shape from another to form many combinations.  Simply let me know what you desire.  A pocket clip can be installed on any knife at  no additional charge.  My normal steel for folders is CPM 154 and S30V, but if you prefer D-2, or A-2, there is no additional charge for this. I also offer Damascus from
Devin Thomas and other fine makers. All of my work that is available for immediate purchase can be viewed on the Available page.  


Here is an editorial I wrote in Tactical Knives November 2003 entitled  "What is a Handmade Knife?".  I also have written my thoughts on Trade Secrets .

I feel there are many reasons for you to purchase one of my knives. Do I put the same amount of time in a $250.00 knife as I put into a $1000.00 knife? Why, of course not! But I do put as many hours as I feel is necessary, to make you and myself satisfied. I constantly strive for continuous improvement in each knife I make. I am proud of my knives, and you will be proud of any knife I make for you.  Please read  My Guarantee.

I flat grind my blades using the stock removal method. In stainless I prefer to use CPM 154, S30V, or ATS-34. In the tool steels, it's hard to beat
D-2, or A-2. Being non-stainless, they require a little more maintenance than the stainless, but they perform very well in the field. I also offer Stainless and Carbon Damascus from various makers.

I legally offer the easy open feature (hole in blade) on my knives, having done the honorable thing paying Spyderco, Inc. a license fee years ago.  This style is available on the majority of my designs at no additional charge.

My liner lock (Thanks to Michael Walker) folders range from a blade length of approximately 2" to over 4". I will make a longer blade if that is what you require. But, remember that the length of the handle will be around 1 inch longer than the blade. A knife with a blade length of 4" will have a overall length of almost 9" when opened. That is one big knife. I do not make pry bars or screwdrivers. My knives are made to cut, and cut they do. Also due to my equipment (all manual) and my lack of training as a machinist, I do not make automatics.

Purchasing one of my knives

Currently not taking orders.
Currently, I have approximately a 6-8 month back log. When you place an order, I do not require a  deposit. For knives with Damascus, Mother of Pearl, or other high dollar materials, when I am ready to start your knife I require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total cost of your knife. I will have your knife completed in 45 days or less after I receive your deposit.  I accept MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, and personal checks.

"Price has no meaning without a measure of the quality being purchased" - Deming"

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